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When I was little, I remember going with my dad on service calls to Sparrow's Bakery.  I was fascinated with the big mixers and the bakers making doughnuts.  As I grew older, I enjoyed drawing and reading cook books as novels.  My first jobs were in kitchens and dining rooms around my home town.  Before long, I concluded that culinary arts would be a prefect fit for me.  

As a student of Baltimore International Culinary College, my early days were set baking in luxury hotels.  I journeyed to Ireland to further sharpen my skills, and I eventually graduated as a professional Pastry Chef.

During this 20-year span, I opened hotels, created menus, and learned the art of exceeding guest expectations.  My wedding cakes have been featured in bridal magazines.  And, in 2016, I started Cakeology. 

I pride myself on my attention to details and having a product look as good as it tastes.  I would like to take my knowledge of delivering exceptional service and bring it to you.  From a simple order of cookies to a two-tiered birthday cake, to me it is all the same--a opportunity to exceed expectations.   I look forward to doing business with you!  I know it will be a sweet success!

                                                    Kimberly Junior

                                                         Pastry Chef, Owner

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